About Us

About us!

Two Sisters Two Hearts One Passion

How it all began…

Two sisters, Angela and Melissa, never far apart and that’s how we roll! We have lived in Houston, Texas almost our entire lives, except for our young childhood days. Growing up we lived in Huntsville, Texas, off of Highway 19 and spent most of our weekends camping, boat riding, and skiing (never-mind the alligators)! Our favorite hang out to pitch a tent or ride minibikes was at White Rock Marina, hence the name.

Before long we moved to Houston and are both graduates of Cy-Fair High School, located just a few miles from our store. From the start, we have always been business owners. Melissa worked for an AC company and soon with lots and lots of hard work started a very successful AC company that is still thriving today. Angela met her Prince Charming, Mike, and together they opened a furniture store.  Somehow someway we’ve been entrepreneurs right out of the gate. It takes determination and it is also nice to have someone there right next to you buckled in for the ride of a lifetime.

Fortunately for the two of us, our mother Debbie founded a church in 2009.  As a family, we are a tight unit and we have each other’s back. Mom needed help running the church. Melissa has recorded two albums and spend twenty years gigging and that meant she would be lending her vocals to the church Music Ministry. Little did she know, her future husband Dennis would walk through those church doors! The rest is history, we are blessed beyond measure. AS a family we all had an important part in the day to day operations of the church. Jesus is our Savior and we give Him all of the Praise! He will not let us down. We are believers in Jesus Christ.

Together, we have a passion for saving the lives of abandoned and abused animals. We love to be able to help those without a voice. Our foundation is a non-profit 501C-3, Labor of Love of Texas. We have been part of contributing to countless numbers of dogs and cats getting spayed, neutered, and also having life-saving surgeries. We donate truckloads of pet food to local shelters that are in need. From picking up a pack of strays on the side of a busy road or finding a box of kittens on our front doorstep, nothing is more rewarding for us to help these precious pets that in our world are our family members. We are thankful that God has put us in a place that we can make a difference.

As sisters and business owners we always had a desire to do something together, so we put our years of knowledge and experience together and White Rock Country Rags & Doodads was born on 11-01-11. WRC is who we are it is US! Melissa was always involved in fashion due to having spent twenty plus years performing on stage.  Angela and mom Debbie were the fashion consultants, so opening our boutique was a no-brainer! Not to mention, mom used to sew our dresses and she made her own homemade patterns - those were the days.  

The best part of running a successful company as sisters is that we get to laugh, we get to agree and we get to disagree, we also get to be partners and best friends that finish each other's sentences about ten times a day.  We trust and believe in each other and most of all at the end of every day we are both on the same page. We respect each other and we respect each other’s role in what it takes to make White Rock Country the best that it can be! Every day there are new challenges and every day we are ready to meet those challenges.  

Angela, yes she is quiet, however, she is fierce!! When Angela is not greeting customers and running the show she is behind the scenes spending countless hours in what I call GETTING IT DONE!!! Today WRC would not be if it wasn’t for her relentless research and tenacity!  She wears a few hats and she wears them well.

We are daughters to amazing parents. Dad, David,  a 43-year Police Officer Veteran. Our mom, Debbie, founder of Victory Fellowship. Mom is the glue she is the backbone of our family and we sometimes refer to her as Lucille Ball! Our late father, Bobby, a lifetime resident of Trinity, Tx a talented artist and musician. We are sisters and we are moms!  Angela and her four-legged fur babies, Jax and Watt, and Melissa is mom to Garrett and Chris. Last but not least we are wives to two terrific handsome husbands, Mike Frierson and Dennis Kirk. We love our family, we love what we do and hopefully, you will too.

There is more to our story and if you’re reading this thank you for taking your time. We are true and here to give you The Greatest Shopping Experience On-line and at our Brick and Mortar. If you’re passing through Houston, come in and stay for a while!  

We hope that you will come as a customer and leave as a friend.  

Angela and Melissa

xoxo, Angela & Melissa